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In 1983 Science Futures was founded to support the vast potential of the early biotechnology industry.

As the first biotech analyst on Wall Street, Science Futures partnered with Drexel Burnham Lambert and Merrill Lynch to provide recommendations and investment advice.


With the venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, she worked closely with Brook Byers to create IDEC Pharmaceuticals and InSight Vision. She consulted with Rodney Perkins MD to create ReSound which gave the world its first digital hearing aids. Science Futures consulted and invested in all three of these successful public companies.

Venture firms such as Oak Investment Partners, Mohr Davidow, IVP, Fairfield Ventures, and others, have trusted Science Futures' consultancy services for their biotech investment focus. Other early clients included oil companies and early biotechnology management teams.

Science Futures’ business plans and proposals enabled companies like Sequenom (SQNM) to secure Series A investments from major venture funds, including TVM Capital. Publicly listed companies like IDEC Pharmaceutical (now Biogen) with market capitalizations >1B, credit their early success in no small part to Science Futures.

Consulting on IPOs and follow-on investments helped build the industry and reward the initial investors. De-mystifying the biotech revolution for public investors defined the company’s work.

Science Futures has a history of investing in life science companies since 1998. TVM Medical Ventures was the first fund investment. Later funds included TVM 4 and 5. TVM funds returns were an average of IRR 24%.


In 2008 Science Futures' fund invested in the public markets of Vietnam. That fund had an IRR of 30% and closed in 2010.

Currently, Science Futures is teaming up with, Portfolia has over 140 companies in its portfolio and thousands of women investors. Together, Science Futures and Portfolia are creating investment funds designed for women that bring science and technology to women's health and wellness.

Nola Masterson panelist

Science Futures and Portfolia have recognized the immense potential of the FemTech market. Together we strategically invest in the intersection of science, technology, and women's health.


Science Futures has identified the FemTech market as the greatest opportunity for investment growth and a space to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. If you would like to be at the forefront of this thriving industry with Science Futures, let's talk. 

Nola Masterson

Nola Masterson, Founder

I believe women should learn financial literacy and have the fun and joy of investing in venture capital to build the world they want to see. I was passionate about DNA from an early age, I enjoy the excitement of new products based on good science.


I continue to enjoy the process of company creation and look to support superior science and management teams to execute on the next generation of products and services to help humanity live better.

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